• Jac Spertus

Can women offer good deep tissue massage? Can women go deep?

Its WAY more common to go too deep, than too superficial when I’m getting into my work.

Female therapists can provide just as much as their male counterparts. People often think that men are stronger, so therefore they must be stronger at massage as well. However this POPULAR MISCONCEPTION IS WRONG.

Because I am a small and mighty female power pack, I can walk on my clients (back walking massage) delivering more pressure than they could ever receive from a male therapist with their hands.

When I was a young massage therapist, I used to get a little hurt by these client expectations 😰

Then I would go to hard to try to prove myself 😬 but that didn’t help either of us.

I no longer listen to that negativity. I’m just living my life —giving out deep tissue pain relief and proving stereotypes wrong.

Next time you get a massage, don’t underestimate her power and strength…

Follow along for more insight into the colliding world of massage and boss babes 🥵

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