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Swedish + Deep Tissue with option for cupping and dynamic cupping (no bruises)

This is massage for release, rejuvenation, and relaxation: a little break from the busy schedule of your day. As we release tension with therapeutic healing, the mind relaxes for deepest release.


Massage time is the space to relax, unwind, soak in your own presence, and let go of holding.

learning the neu method

studying with the master

Our therapists are all highly trained, experienced, and talented at Swedish and Deep Tissue.

As they learn the neu release method, they are practicing integrating elements, including stretching and range of motion work. Seamlessly and painlessly integrated into Swedish and Deep Tissue, neu release is highly effective for difficult problem areas. 

Often Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques fail to reach the core of the issue, this is where neu release does the trick. Combined, this creates the best hybrid of massage. 

Massage Austin is the sister of neu release, owned by Maia LMT. Experienced table therapists are personally studying with Maia to master her proprietary method. As they study, they are practicing Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques in classic massages. Depending on client goals, they can use neu release methods as desired.


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our massage approach

We love the classic style of massage! Swedish and Deep Tissue are the foundations of our work.


Swedish massage is excellent for circulatory and lymphatic flow, reducing muscle tension, and relaxing the entire body and mind. Gentle stroking flushes the body, blood, tissues, tension, and stress.

Long, flowing strokes circulate fresh blood into the muscles and tendons. Swedish massage flow moves and refreshes the entire body, from head to toe.

In targeted areas, we use deep compressive strips to elongate and release taught tissue. This is the fine tuned precision work, where we dig out your problems spots with knuckles and elbows. Deep Tissue is integrated as much as necessary for individual needs.   


We give our focus to the areas that are bothering you -- your goals guide our work. The number 1 priority is to put you at ease and fulfill your needs. 

+ neu release

Our team is slowly learning the neu release method. 

Depending on your goals, we can integrate neu release techniques modified for the table. This allows us to use a Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and practice neu release methods. 

This helps our team practice these neu and advanced techniques. And it allows receivers to experience elements of neu release methods into massage without committing to an entire neu release.