open & release

Neurelease is an innovative approach to treating tension, soreness, and aiding recovering.

Deep massage compressions treat the tension, and passive stretches open up remaining stiffness and bring fresh circulation.

Dynamically integrating massage & stretching, we release every layer, from the surface to the deepest.

a neu approach

Regular Swedish and deep tissue massage rubs the surface of tension, mostly addressing the superficial.

Our approach is different. The therapist uses her full body to deliver slow and heavy pressure. Using broad and large tools, like knees and feet, the therapist has the power to deliver as much pressure as needed.

Integrating deep massage compressions with opening stretches, we release and refresh. Like a yoga sequence, the flow of our sessions are designed to progressively open tight spots while relaxing and resetting the entire body and mind.


feel more open today


our method

We aren't scared to think outside the box. Neu release massage + stretch method has an intentional flow.


Our system is rooted in modern muscle science and sports recovery - and influenced by the philosophy of yoga, martial arts, and flow theory. Bridging this gap, our system promotes both optimal musculoskeletal recovery and holistic care. 

our technique

Neurelease technique combines the science of sports medicine, advanced deep tissue, and the flow of a yoga stretching sequence. This systematic approach is far more effective than massage alone.


We use massage to find trigger points and adhesions, commonly referred to as "knots". Slow and deep massage compressions warm and release these tender painful points. Releasing these knots with deep pressure can be intense -- but afterwards, they feel light, open, and refreshed with new circulation.


Progressively, passive stretching releases the surrounding tightness.  Integrated stretching and joint traction open up deeper tissue, otherwise completely inaccessible through massage alone.


Combined, the massage and stretching powerfully warm muscles -- boosting circulation and recovery. This dynamic combination addresses every layer for the most effective results.