a message from the owner

I started as a massage therapist working on medical cases immediately out of school at a chiropractic office. Our patients were dealing with chronic pain, tension, and athletic injuries. I quickly learned the value of targeted, effective deep pressure and assisted stretches for relieving chronic pain and helping athletes reach their peak performance. I used my thumbs and elbows to effectively release trigger points and work out soreness. Patients would report some improvement, but had to keep coming back from more work. I was not satisfied with providing temporary relief. I knew there had to be something deeper and more effective.


I found myself seeking a better solution, for longer lasting results. Academically, I dove into my studies learning about theories of sports massage based on modern pain science, sports recovery, and corrective exercise. Clearly there was a significant healing power of stretching and movement techniques, especially when combined with massage release technique. This releases the tight dysfunctional tissue and creates the freedom in the nervous system to develop new, healthy movement patterns.


Looking for better tools, I delved into my studies of anatomy and recovery science, as well as Eastern massage modalities, such as Thai Yoga Massage to learn more stretching and massage techniques to integrate into my sessions. Inspired by the Eastern massage modalities, I began integrating knees and feet for broad deep pressure and mobilizations for opening up joints. Bringing together all my tools, I combined a sports medicine science-based approach, deep heavy pressure using powerful tools, and a yoga-inspired stretching flow.

My clients absolutely loved it! And their results increased dramatically. My clients would often go for weeks without any discomfort after a session. Some clients report a complete recovery of an issue after even just one session.


And so the neurelease technique was born.


I created neurelease to help everyone feel better and more rooted in their bodies. As a lifelong dancer and yoga practitioner, I know body awareness heals both the body and mind. It draws us to the present. 


Personally I struggle with tension, soreness, and pain. And like most people who deal with these chronic issues, I also deal with stress and anxiety. For me, the medicine is abundant self care -- involving regular massage, yoga practice, and explorative movement. In my own healing journey, I have studied various forms of meditation, yoga teacher training, and movement arts. The path to healing is a journey within. With my own practice of delving into my cavernous being, I am better able to navigate the journey alongside my clients. 


Our work together is based on musculoskeletal tension, but on a more profound level, it is about deeply letting go -- into your body and into awareness. This is the deepest release, surrender into the present moment. Release is simultaneously filled with vibrant energy and complete relaxation, both powerful and gentle, both exciting and soothing. This diametric balance can only be understood experientially. And as one dives deeper into the practice of letting go, one can release deeper and deeper into the body and mind. 


I am overjoyed to get to share this powerful work with my community. We all deserve to feel our best. Without limitations or discomfort holding us back, we can truly enjoy our lives and bodies to the fullest - on physical, mental, and energetic levels. 

- Maia Spertus LMT